Monday, November 23, 2009

Halloween Overview

Cute little Cowboys!
1st place prise for Best Costume
Yes, I did make Mike dress up as a bumble bee. What a trooper!
Matt, Jen, Jonah and Caleb
Buzz and Woody
Adorable little Caleb

CrAzY! cRaZy! CrAzY! Life has been nothing but CRAZY!!! I'm finally taking the time to sit down and post! I know we're only a few days away from Thanksgiving, but I felt it was important that I post some adorable pictures of my little Brayden from Halloween.

Because of all the "buzz" around Toy Story 3 coming out, we thought it would be great if Brayden dressed up as Woody. Let me tell you...he mad the cutest Woody out there! He even won Best Costume at his school's pumpkin festival. He was so excited! His trophy, which is a skeleton holding candy, is still on his nightstand.

Halloween this year started out with attending our ward's pumpkin festival. Seeing how Mike is our ward's new young men's president, he was in charge of creating the haunted house. I was bummed that I wasn't able to go through it. I was running the photo booth and wasn't able to step away long enough to go through it. I heard many wonderful things about it. The young men did a great job with keeping it spooky, just enough to keep children from crying!

Our next big event was Brayden's school's pumpkin festival. I'm an active participant in PTA and have offered to run the festival the last couple of years. Let me tell you - it's quite a task. And if any of you know me, you know that I am the biggest procrastinator. I think that sometimes I work better under stress. My husband loves me in SPITE of this quality!!! He was a trooper and helped me out with whatever I needed him for. My sister was my other saving grace. She helped me set up and decorate. She even stayed throughout the entire festival to serve food and help out in the kitchen. At the end of the night, we were all exhausted and grateful for it to be over.

Halloween night was fun for us also. We had been in Monterey for the weekend, but made it up in time to go trick or treating with little Jaxson. Brayden and Jaxson made the cutest cowboys ever. Halloween was great, but I'm grateful it's over!!!


Karrasch Clique said...

Sounds like you guys had such a fun time! Your little Brayden did make the CUTEST WOODY EVER!!!! YOu are such an AWESOME MOM!

Jen Johnson said...

Ok I'm totally lazy! I haven't been looking at blogs very often so I'm behind! Love the pictures!

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